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Boy Scout Cabin
Flood of 2008 edited 8/2017
Lowell Bayles
Newton IL Square 2006
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Old River Bridge History
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Veterans Day 2015
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Sergeant Tony Housh
Veterans Day 2014
Newton Grade School 1970
1930? Jasper County Plat Book PDF
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Newton Illinois Information is on the air
Newtons latest moneypit
Newtons property tax rate DOUBLE that of surrounding cities.
New City Hall
Hidden Taxes
Mayor Bolander holds Kangaroo Court
City of Newton Il. Exceeds statutory debt limit
How Newton Got $4,747,440.00 in Debt
Does The Electric department really need a new building?
Council Uses Zoning to stop sale of Building
More Hypocrisy
Eagle Trails
How Mayor Bolander handles Criticism
Newton Illinois Adopts New Code Book.
Alta Mayhugh  Effingham Daily News Reporter
Even More Hypocrisy
Zoning for land use planning HA HA
Newton Purchases 1 Acre Update 9/19/16
Newton maintains spot at #1
Newton Illinois Property Tax Rate Increase Study
Zoning Progress Report
Mayor Bolander responds to City Code Summary
65 ILCS 5/3.1-20-20   2019?
Property Tax Extension Limitation Law (PTELL)
Utility Rate Information
International Property maintenance code
City considers drone use for "Property Maintenance"   1/5/16
Snow On Sidewalks 1-24-16
No Responsible Adults Present at the 1/19/16 council meeting
Residents responsible for mowing city property in 2016
City Of Newton "Dues and Donations" 2/2/16
Newton Residents Pay Double
Newton's Ridiculous 3' from window Electric Code
Utility Rate Increase 5/1/2016
City Council Solves Major Problem at the 6/19/16 Meeting
Hypocrisy (Again)
Council votes themselves 20% pay increase 10/18/16
Newton City Council Please Read
Saint Marie Illinois
Jasper Illinois ATV permits
Newton Illinois Permit Information.7/30/17
Newton Illinois installes "Smart Meters"
Eagle Trail Fundraising 7/7/17
Update on Bio-Diesel Plant 6/10/17
Jasper County Board Information
Where Is the local media?
The insanity Continues 8/14/17
Forgotten Illinois, Newton: Great Video