As detailed here the City of Newton has a Ridiculous rule that you will not find
anywhere else in the US that says that on any new, repaired or upgraded
electrical services that the meter must be at least 3' from any door or window.

I personally went to a council meeting complaining that
this was unneeded and put a very large financial burden on a resident who
was upgrading or repairing a electric service.

I was told at the meeting that this was done for the safety of firemen and that
is the way that it had to be.

So as part of the Eagle trails project all of the electric along N Van Buren
from Jourdan to Water street is being converted from overhead to

Several houses had meters on the house with overhead wire going to them
and are being converted to underground by the City of Newton.

Evidently they discovered what they were too dense to understand before,
that being that when they upgrade these to underground service moving the
existing meter 3' away from a window would make the project unnecessary
much harder and more expensive.

When confronted with this problem they decided that when they were doing
the work themselves that the safety of Firemen was not really that important
and they left the meters where they were at.
Here is a brand new electric meter and disconnect installed right next to a
window by the  
hypocrites at the City of Newton IL.
Here is one that is not done yet.