At the 3/7/2017 Newton Illinois City Council Meeting
item 6) it was revealed via a question from a citizen
that the
1 Acre lot that the City of Newton bought on
8/18/15 is available for semi truck parking at no cost,
no restrictions on the use of the lot are given other
than it is "at your own risk".
Newton Illinois City Owned Free Semi Truck ,Trailer, Bus, RV, Boat
Located Behind Cobblestone Hotel @ 100 S Gregory Drive Newton Illinois 62448

Turn South off RT 33 on Gregory Drive just West of
Cobblestone Hotel

Now with 20 free electric hookups.
Questions Call Newton City Hall @ 618-783-8451
Vehicles in truck parking lot
electric pedastals each having (2) 20 amp 120 Volt

Also voted to add additional concrete for $21,572.00
At the  2/4/19 Police committee meeting "Parking barriers, fees and the means to pay were discussed".
Parking is still free but that is likely to change