Newton Press-Mentor Thursday October 13, 1966

Unidentified Flying objects Reported Seen Over Newton

Woman tells of seeing Large object with Blue light

Those reports of sightings of unidentified flying objects, which have horrified people in many parts of the nation for
many years came to Newton this week

A woman who resides in the south part of the city told the press this morning that she saw a strange object in the sky
Tuesday evening while on an errand, she asked however that her name not be disclosed unless other persons are
found who saw the object. Her account of the sightings follows. “Between 7 and 8 PM Tuesday evening October 11 I
saw a large object, an elongated oval in shape, in the southern sky. It was flying low, and there was no sound in the
sky. The object which appeared to be much larger than a commercial airliner, moved rather slowly in a glowing blue
light. It appeared to have approached from the east and was moving west.” Asked if she could estimate a height of the
object when lighted, the observer said that it must have been very low, because it
dropped out of sight as it passed in back of the home of Mr. And Mrs. Pat Johnson on Martin Street. She added that
the object appeared to be directly over Orchard Drive. Other reliable persons who saw a similar object the same
evening are asked to report to the Press Mentor and the newspaper  will arrange for them to talk with the observer
who reported today.

Meanwhile Miss Marjorie Bergbower who writes the “Musings with Marge” column in the P-M reported that Miss Marsha
Piercefield a student at NCHS had seen a unidentified object earlier.
Miss Percefield reported seeing a “flying light” in the vicinity of the Jasper County Fairgrounds at 2 AM one morning.
“after a while it rose up in the air disappeared” according to the account of the high school columnist.

Two Newton young men reported today that they saw three unidentified objects in the sky one cold night last winter
while in the oil field northeast of Newton.
Bill McMorris said that he and Robert Reisner saw one silver colored object and two
which were red, and that all resembled a saucer turned upside down upon another saucer.  “They were just hovering
in the sky when we first saw them”, recalled Mr. McMorris. “It was a bright night with snow on the ground and we had
gone to the oil field to try to get a picture of a well. “all of a sudden the objects took off straight up—and very fast—
and within seconds they had disappeared”.  
Newton Illinois UFO Sightings