Remember Eagle Ridge Apartments? You probably do not and the reason you don't is that it was never built. It was to be
a Illinois Housing Authority approved  low income housing project proposed by Yost management
consisting of 24 duplex
to be built in the south part of five aprils crossing subdivision. It was stopped when the zoning board of appeals
refused to rezone the property needed for the project.

How this happened is that the local residents who were opposed had Wayne Savageau as a spokesman at the
Zoning board of appeals meeting. After hearing Mr. Savageau speak the zoning board voted to deny the rezoning.

The reason that they denied it was tha
t Mr. Savageau being the Jasper School district superintendent had enough clout
stop the building of low income housing in his backyard if he did not want it. The reason for the denial had nothing to
do with drainage, traffic or any of the other reasons  given, he and others simply did not want it near where they lived and
the zoning board was unwilling to oppose them and  gave them what they wanted.