Pictures taken on June 7 2008 on the Embarras River from Greenup to Newton Illinois.
The River was at the highest level ever recorded on that day.
Launching the boat just east of the covered bridge in Greenup Illinois,
we originally were going to go to Charleston to launch but RT 130 was
closed north of Greenup because it was underwater
Greenup fairgrounds
Taken from Rt 40 Bridge west of Greenup
Hidalgo bridge
Rose Hill Bridge
Loves Ford bridge, not only was MVP open they had a band! I
asked someone if the bar had water in it and he said yes waist
deep but the bar was open, just wade on in!
This is on the downriver side of Loves Ford Bridge
House on the west side of intersection of Il33 and 130
Cabin North of old bridge in Newton Illinois
Old river bridge taken from upstream, no room for a
boat under it but you could go around it
Water Street Newton Illinois
Street sign says "Water St" I wonder how it got its name.
Burl Ives Bridge Newton Illinois, end of the line for this
trip, no room under it and no way around.