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Illinois Policy Institute Story
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How do Jasper County Property taxes
compare to other counties?
What is PTELL?
PTELL Technical Manual
What about Jasper County Schools?
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601 E Decatur
Newton IL
From 12/2008 to 12/2018 (taxes payable in 2009 and 2019)
•        Jasper Illinois School property tax costs up 53%
•        Newton property tax costs up 64%
•        Jasper county property tax costs up 72%
•        Consumer Price Index Increase 19%
•        Social Security Cost of Living increase (COLA) 13.6%
•        Illinois minimum wage increase 6.5%
 Illinois PTELL Counties max tax levy increase 18.2%

Illinois policy Institute says that Jasper County Illinois has the fastest
Increasing property taxes in Illinois.

If you think local government should be forced to limit property  tax increases
to the rate of inflation please sign the petition to have the Property Tax
Extension Limitation Law (PTELL) commonly referred to as tax caps question
put on the ballot for residents to vote on.

The county board will not want to do this, it will take overwhelming support  
from outraged overtaxed residents to get it done so please sign, distribute,
promote on social media and any other means available. Take a long look at
you tax bill then contact your Jasper county board member.

Return petitions by mail or call and I will pick them up. Call or email for more
petitions or download from

Larry Short 601 E Decatur Newton IL 62448
618-783-7109 (leave message)

For much more detailed info go to

How I came up with the property tax cost increases was simply look at parcels that have not
been changed for the last 10 years and compare the cost from 10 years ago to now.
Jasper Property Tax Data
Why are property taxes so high in Jasper County?
PTELL CPI Tax Increase Chart
Below is from Illinois Policy Institute Story
For Residents of Newton
How can Jasper get PTELL?
Jasper County Illinois Property Tax Extension Limitation Law
Referendum Promotion Page.

Property Taxes to High? Want to do something about it? Keep
Contact Jasper County Board Members
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What if we do nothing to control property tax
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