The I1 - INDUSTRIAL DISTRICT reads in part

"Storage areas may be open to the sky, but shall be enclosed by walls or
fences (whether solid or chain-link), including gates, at least eight (8) feet

"Buffer Strips. Wherever any industrial use located in this district abuts any
other district, a twenty (20) foot wide view and noise control buffer strip shall
be installed. Such buffer strip shall consist of densely planted shrubbery
that is at least five (5) feet high when planted and that can be expected to
reach a height of ten (10) feet when full grown."
I have a question for the Newton Illinois City Council.

If all of the Zoning rules and regulations are so important  why do you not follow your
own rules?

Case in point, the old mill inn lot that the city now uses for storage. This is zoned
Industrial and there are Zoning  rules  that say any time a Industrial zone abuts a non
industrial zone there is a requirement to add a 20' wide 10' tall view and noise buffer
zone of densely planted shrubbery.

Also any material stored outside shall be inside a 8' tall fence.

These are some of the very  rules that Mayor Bolander and cronies said that we just
had to have for the good of the city but when they apply to something that the city
wants to do these rules do not appear to be nearly as important.
To the west and south of the fence is a non industrial zone, to the East is a
Industrial zone. Notice the lack of the 20' wide view and noise control buffer
strip.The city did put in a partial fence but failed again as it is only 6' tall.

If you say that this is nit picking you would be right but the point is the city council
fought hard to Impose these rules, If they are so #$%^&* important
If they are not important enough for the City to follow
then get rid of them.