Clifford Ramey Murder
The murder of Clifford Ramey on September 15 1939 is probably one of the sadest and the most infamous crimes
ever committed in Jasper County Illinois. I had heard about this all of my life and finally tracked down the details.

The murder was featured in the April 1948 edition of "Women In Crime" magazine and possibly earlier in "True
Detective" magazine. The story also appeared in "Popular Comics #54" on August 1, 1940. It also received lots of
coverage in the newspapers.

Clifford Is buried in Kibler Cemetery.

Cliffords son Gordon who had just turned 2 at the time of his fathers  murder died at the age of 71 in Rockford Illinois.

Cliffords Wife Lela remarried (Unglesbee) and died on August 23 2012 at the age of 90, she is buried in Plainfield
Cemetery Jasper County Illinois.

Effie Ramey died at Dwight Correctional center on 3/31/1950 and is buried in Kibler Cemetery.

Charles W Kibler died in Southern Illinois Penitentiary (Later called Menard) prison on 2/22/1962 at the age of 84, I
have been unable to determine where he is buried.
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