At the 10/6/2015 Newton Illinois City Council meeting the council voted unanimously to increase the fine for
not keeping any sidewalk that adjoins your property cleared of snow or ice (
33-8-2) from $75.00 per day to
$100.00 per day.

On 1/18/16 Newton had around 4 or 5 inches of snow, the temperature then stayed cold the rest of the week
but no more snow.

On Sunday 1/24/16 (6 days after the snow) I decided to check for compliance of (
33-8-2) and drove around
the town and found that  the biggest violator of rule (
33-8-2) by far is the City of Newton itself, proving once
again that the city council is good at making lots and lots of rules but when it comes to actually following
rules, not so much.

If the city wants to get  sidewalks cleared where the city owns the adjoining property they could assign a
portion of sidewalk to each  resident who does not have a sidewalk adjoining their own property  with of
course a $100 per day fine for the slackers.

I wonder if they have thought of  requiring residents to clear their half of any adjoining roads of snow? They
could perfect this rule by making adjoining property owners responsible for maintenance of their half of the
street and any adjoining city owned utilities.
sidewalk on North side of city hall 6 days after the last snow
Water plant drive looking South 6 days after the last snow
South side of sewer plant 6 days after the last snow
North side of city parking lot, yes their is a sidewalk under there.
Here is where a Newton Illinois Alderman lives who voted yes to increase the fine from $75 to $100 for
a tenant not keeping the adjoining sidewalk clear of snow but 6 days after the last snow his is still
covered in snow.