At the 8/18/15 council meeting The Newton Illinois city council voted to
purchase 1 acre of the north part of lot 3 in Cobblestone subdivision for
$35,000 from Dirtbusters car Wash LLC.

Since then the city has scraped the topsoil, added lots of rock and built a

No word from the city as to what the plan is.
Update 9/18/16. After 1 year of no explanation of why the city purchased and then
improved lot 3 in Cobblestone I sent a email to city hall asking why this was done.
Mayor Bolander responded and his answer was basically that it was confidential.

I also sent a FOIA request for what had been spent on this lot, the total is around
$92,000.00 but I did have to estimate the amount spent on City labor and
equipment as apparently they did not keep track but city employees and equipment
removed lots of dirt and hauled it away.

So in summary over 1 year ago the city spent around $100,000 of your hard
earned money on yet another money pit that they have yet to even give a reason

One thing that would appear strange if you did not know the city council like I do is
the fact that the council appr0ved spending $35,000 but the project is close to

This is just one of the ways that they keep the
City of Newton Il #1 in taxes.
Aerial photo before work was done
Aerial photo after work was done
.95 acre lot                                     $35,296.14
CCI ready mix                                 $273.00
1831 ton of rock                             $26128.42
Fabric under rock                           $1273.00
Aprox 260' Chain link fence            $4420.00
City labor and equipment cost*      $25,000.00

Total                                               $92390.56

*estimate, they did not keep track