At the 12/15/15 meeting the Newton Illinois City Council assured Newton's spot as
the city with the highest property taxes in the area by passing Ordinance 15-15
"Annual Tax Levy" where they used the tried and true formula of "how much can
we get without having a tax hearing" as the basis for calculating the levy.

A decade of this method has paid off big for them as they have
Newton's rate at
2X other local cities.  They have allowed a slight chance of being overtaken in their
#1 in Debt title by allowing their debt to drop below 100% of the statutory
borrowing limit down to 87% of the max.I am sure that they have plans in the
works to get this back to 100%.

Looking ahead to assure that they stay #1  an additional
7 new ways to tax you
were recently added by the Newton Illinois city council Bureaucracy.

Plus there are the Hidden taxes, just like area 51 the government will deny that
they exist but they are exposed
Newton Illinois #1 in Property Tax