Newton Illinois Property Tax

Here are some facts that plainly show just how much money the City of Newton is
taking from the citizens.

The city of Newton’s tax per $100 of assesed value is 199% of
what property owners in Dieterich are paying. $2.10 per $100 Vs

The City Of Effingham's rate is 1.284

As if we are not paying enough The city of Newton takes 7% of the gross of the utilities
as an additional hidden tax that is the equivalent of
more than 40% in
additional property tax.

The reason for this is simple, when doing the tax levy the city  council
is not concerned with how much tax money that they need, what
concerns them is HOW MUCH CAN WE GET.
This is a older page and is out of date,
Newton's rate is as of taxes payable in 2016 $2.28357 per $100
Dieterich is $1.066
Newton is now 214% of Dieterich rate