At the 9/19/2017 Newton Illinois City Council meeting Mayor Bolander said
"506 S. Van Buren purchase is pending. Waiting on title work."

506 S Van Buren Parcel
90-12-01-405-005 was a property that Jasper County had listed for sale because of 3
years of unpaid property taxes on a sealed bid sale. Bids were due in by 9/1/17.The
published results from
this sale says that this property was "removed".

The reason for the sale is to get what is a abandoned property back into the hands of someone who will pay
the taxes in the future and put the property back to productive use.

What has happened is that the Newton Illinois City Council has
taken final action on this property deal and
Mayor Bolander has signed a
contract to purchase and paid for  the property from the Jasper County
'Tax Agent" on 8/30/17 2 days before the end of bidding.

So now instead of someone buying the house, fixing it and then paying the $1,152.52 yearly taxes in the
future, the city of Newton is going to own it, make the taxpayers pay to tear it down then no property taxes
will be collected in the future as long as the city is the owner.

I do not understand why Jasper County would agree to sell this property to the city of Newton for the minimum
bid before the end of the bidding time. They had no idea how much the property could of sold for so they were
basically giving away taxpayer money.

The county failed in their responsibility to get as much as possible out of this property to cover the delinquent
taxes, now not only do the back taxes not get paid but no future taxes will be collected either as this property
has now been added to the City of Newton's unused and untaxed property portfolio.

This is one of Mayor Bolanders favorite things, take what it potentially a tax income producing productive
privately owned piece of property and turn it into another city of Newton owned tax sucking money pit.

This is one of the many things that the Newton City Council does to get and keep the title of "
Fastest increasing
property taxes in Illinois"