Letter to County From City
Back in the summer of 2016 the overhead lines were removed going to the Jasper County Illinois
courthouse and were replaced with under ground power lines and a new pad mounted transformer by
the Newton Illinois Municipal Electric Department.

In this process new metering equipment was installed, apparently the old metering equipment had
Current Transformers CT'S  with a 400 to 5 or 80 to 1 ratio, while the new metering equipment had a
200 to 5 or 40 to 1 ratio.

On these type of meters the reading on the meter has to me multiplied X the CT ratio. So for the court
house the multiplier had always been  X 80.

What happened is that when this work was done the multipler did not get changed in the billing software
and they continued to multiply X 80, the result was a bill that was double what it should of been and
resulted in a overpayment of $5668.07, this went on for 10 months until the city caught it.