At the 12/16/2014 city council meeting the council voted to
approve a new building for the electric department.

From the 12/16 minutes

"Motion was made by Brown, seconded by Brooks, to accept
the bid from Grunloh Building, Inc. in the amount of
$946,667.00 for the new electric building.
Ayes:  Bloomberg, Bolander, Reisner, Brooks, Brown, Blake
Nays:  Short, Lindemann"

This is a total waste of your money, the 3 man city electric
department is housed in the lower part of city hall and it is a
perfectly adequate modern building.

Actually the new building for the electric department has very
little to do with the electric department, the real reason is the
expansion of city hall this will be A upcoming unneeded city
project in excess of $1,000,000