31 houses for sale in Newton on Zillow data collected
on 3/10/19
1 house for sale in Dieterich on Zillow on 3/10/19
2 houses for sale in Teutopolis on Zillow on 3/10/19
The exodus is on, the amount of houses for sale tells a story, compare Newtons for sale rate to
Dieterich and Teutopolis. and Effingham all of which have much lower tax rates than Newton.

I dont have a graphic for Effingham but they have 71 houses for sale compared to Newtons 31 but
Effingham is 4.4 times as large as Newton, it works out to Effingham has 51% of the number of
houses for sale (per capita) as Newton, This is just what you get when you try to tax and spend
yourself to prosperity, you end up in one of the highest taxing Cities in one of the highest taxing
counties in one of the highest taxing and most corrupt states,
details here and people simply leave.