Front Row Left to Right
Mary Ball Diel, Ocie Ball, Carrie Ball, Jay Ball, Dorris Ball Robinson

Back Row
Pauline Ball Wilkens, Dimple Ball Wilkens, Denver Ball, Glen Ball, Osie Ball Jr,
Mildred Ball Ord, Edytha Ball Rice.
Back Of above pictore
Back row left to right
Jim Ord Jr, David Ball, Dyke Hilton, Tim Robinson, Jim Ord Sr, Ocie Ball Jr, Jay Ball, Ocie Ball Sr,
Jim Hilton, Dan Diel, Glenn Ball, Art Wilkens, Lowell Wilkens, Carl Short, Denver Ball

Middle Row left to right
Louise Short, Mildred Ord, Dimple Hilton, Edytha Rice, Dorthy Ball & Baby Doris, Doris Robinson, Polly Hilton,
Mary Diel & Baby Dorris, Betty Diel & Baby Kathy, Pauline Wilkens, Faye Ball, Ruby wilkens & Baby Wayne

Front Row Left to Right.
Judy Ord, John Ord, John Rice, Jerry Ord, Harry Diel, Carrie Ball, Darlene Ball, Dan Diel, Lowell Wilkens Jr (Bud),
Glenn Ball Jr, Carla Short, Tom Short, Winona Wilkens, Nita Wilkens, Wanda Wilkens
Pictures Taken at Ocie and Carrie Ball 50th Wedding anniversary, not sure
of the year, picture says "Sep 55"