According to the Newton Illinois comprehensive plan projections.

The population inside Newton is projected to be 73 less in 2020 but the population in Jasper outside of
Newton will see a gain of 7 residents.

This is a very telling fact that points out that what the Newton Illinois city council has done to Newton is
causing people to leave the city.

How else can you explain why the city of Newton is projected to lose 2.8% of its population on the 2020
census but Jasper county (outside Newton) is actually predicted to have a slight increase in population.

Both of these groups are subject to all the same local economic forces, both groups have the same job
opportunity's, both are in the corrupt state of Illinois.
The only differences are the massive additional
taxes, fees, rules and regulations and the general attack on private property rights
that residents
inside Newton are subject to.

I have no idea why the city council has these studies done because they evidently do not read them or they
would change what they are doing as it obviously is not working.

Keep in mind the fact that this  data came from a study that the Newton city council had done, these are
their numbers.

2010 Census (Jasper 9698) (Newton 2849)  9698-2849 = (6849 inside Jasper but outside Newton.)

2020 Projected (Jasper 9625) (Newton 2769)  9625-2769 = (6856 inside Jasper but outside Newton.)
Source of Data  Newton Illinois comprehensive plan 2017 Revision