Jasper County Illinois proposed ATV/UTV permits

This process is in the early stages and subject to change.

Township road commissioners will have to give approval for their township, this could result in  some townships
not allowing the use of ATV'S

Brakes, turn signals, lights, seat belts and insurance required.
Permit fees will be $50.00*

The permit fee will go to whoever maintains the road that the permit holder lives on, township or county.

The possibility of having a reciprocity agreement with adjoining counties where either county license would work
is a possibility.

All of this so far I think is all ok, now for the part that is totally unfair, that being the “joint permit”.

*If you live in Hidalgo, Rose Hill, Ste Marie, Wheeler, Willow Hill, Yale or anywhere else in Jasper outside of Newton your
$50.00 permit will be good where you live and on any township or county road, however if you live in Newton a $50.00 permit
will only be good inside the city, if you want to ride on township or county roads you will need a $80.00 joint permit.

Every time that there is any kind of deal done between the City of Newton and Jasper county the residents of Newton are   
always expected to pay more, why would I expect this to be any different.

When given the chance of providing a added benefit to current ATV permit holders the Newton City Council has very
predictably chosen instead to collect more of your money while at the same time administrating more punishment
for living here, two of their favorite things.