I submitted the following letter to the editor to the Newton
Press and Effingham daily news on 6/14/17, they both decided
not to run it
The Newton City Council has chosen to discourage small home grown economic development by making
just about every kind of home or garage based startup business idea in violation of Newton’s 845 page
city code, instead they court big time professional, suit wearing, slick talking executives to shower with
TIF grants, tax abatements, enterprise zones, free property and plenty of the taxpayers money. Well
they found what they were looking for in Mr. Geoff Hirson. The city council approved and Mayor Bolander
signed a contract that with conditions transfers 24 acres of City industrial park to MR. Hirson who
while California based has created at least 3 Delaware LLC’S to operate in Newton? In return among
other things Mr. Hirson will give the city a $1,000,000.00 annual “good neighbor grant” for eternity.

Mr Hirson claims that his company has access to 1 Billion Dollars and has operating Biodiesel plants
and can turn anything from tires to sewage to household garbage economically into biodiesel, but provides no
details like where are one of these operating plants. He does have experience in Terre Haute where he
promised a $3,000,000 yearly “good will” payment but the only people who will receive any good will from
the Terre Haute deal are lawyers. If you really think that Newton is going to get $1,000,000.00 per year
forever from the biodiesel plant deal then I have this bridge for sale that you may be interested in.
Full details are easy to find
Where is the local media? There are some really crazy things happening concerning the bio-diesel plant fully

I sent a message to the Effingham daily news Newton reporter Graham Milldrum and asked if the city of
Newton entering into a contract where the city would recieve $1,000,000.00 per year forever would be
news worthy considering the fact that this is double the yearly tax levy, after a few back and forth emails
where I told him exactly how he could confirm this I guess that he (or someone else) decided that it was
not newsworthy (or wants to keep it hidden).

I did not even bother asking the Newton Press as I already knew that they are not interested in actual news.