Lets take a look at some self started built from the ground up business success
stories that are local to Newton Illinois. I know that there are more and I may add
some but these are particularly interesting.

Jesse B Holt, started a lumber yard in his garage on Decatur street in the 1950's, and
grew it into what  is now Kirchner Building Center. He did this with nothing other than
hard work and determination.

Frichtl Welding , started as a  welding shop on Wilson Street in the late 1970's? and
grew into what is now skyline steel. Once again this was done by hard work and self

TPS Started by Rich and Wendy Lindemann in 1973 in a residential area in Newton,
it has grown  into a large industrial printing operation now located in the west end
industrial park.

Jackson Auto Repair, Started in the garage out behind a house on Morgan street,
later a new large facility was built on Jackson street that is now the location of Birch
Auto service.

B&B recyclers, This business was started small at home and slowly built over many
years and is the largest metal recycler in the area. Now located on the west edge of
Newton. They provide a much needed service and not only provide several jobs but
are responsible for putting many many $ into the local economy.

Mid America Motorworks, Mike Yager started this business out of the trunk of his car
eventually creating a multi million dollar business.

Apple Computers, Yea I know not local but Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started
building Apple computers in Jobs parents garage, in violation of Los Altos California
Zoning laws.

IBM has got to be upset that Los Altos was slack on enforcement and let Apple get
started, that lack of enforcement cost IBM billions.