Newton Illinois Mayor Bolander enlisted Frank Heiligenstein (Illinois codification
services) to respond  to
my summary of the new city code book.

You can read Mr. Heiligenstein's unedited response in full here.

Or I can summarise it for you:

Mr. Heiligenstein was critical of how I came up with the number of additional pages  
and the fact that if I would of attended the meetings I would understand what they
were doing.

He then went into great length to justify each additional item  and went on to say that
several were requested by the city so therefore not his idea.

One thing that he pointed out that I had not noticed was that if they had not used a
smaller font  the codebook would be a additional 100 pages longer.

One thing that I did not see in his response was anywhere where he pointed out that
I had anything substantially wrong, only excuses for why they did what they did.

The best he could do was point out that I cited 33-2-18 for the required mowing of
city property when it was actually 33-2-19. Well he was wrong again, in the Index it
is listed as 33-2-19 but the index is wrong and it is actually 33-2-18 as if that really

If Mayor Bolander and Mr. Heligenstein do not like my summary of the new city code
book you would think that they would publish a comprehensive summary of what
changes were made  instead of   "Consider and act on Ordinance 15-12, An
Ordinance Adopting a Code of Ordinances for the City of Newton.”

A comprehensive summary of all of these changes should of been published well
before they were enacted.

Thank you Mayor Bolander for confirming that you read my website and for taking  
the time to respond, please check back often for updates as I have some recent
ones that I am sure you will enjoy.