Update 12/23/15: Mayor Bolander responds

A 10/6/2015 council meeting the council passed ordinance 15-12 “An ordinance
adopting a code of ordinances for the city of Newton Illinois.”

No public discussion.
No explanation of what the changes were has ever been made.

The way that this works is that the council brings in Frank Heiligenstein (Illinois
codification services) and they ask him “do we need to add anything to the code
book?” He replies yes you certainly do. Mr. Heiligenstein makes a living making city
code books bigger so this is just like asking a car salesman “do I need a car?”

What Mr. Heiligenstein came up with was adding 307 pages to the existing 538
pages for a total of 845 pages or a increase of 57% in pages.

It is kind of hard to tell exactly what was added in the 307 new pages of city code and
the city council is certainly not going to give you a summary so I have done that for

1-2-100 a $25.00 "Prosecuters fee" has been added.  Appears to be just another way
to separate people from their money.

3-2-17 It is now a city code violation to allow your female dog to consort with any
other dog in a “indecent manner”. Still OK for male and transgender dogs.

3-3-8 Quite a few rules about tethering dogs, fixed tethers need to be inspected and
approved before use, no dog may be tethered for more than 12 hours in one day.

22-2-8 Fines for city code violations are raised from $75 to $100 per day

27-2-37 It is now a violation of city code to have a upholstered chair on your porch.

33-2-9 It is now required that you obtain a permit before you drain any rainwater into
a ditch.

33-2-11 It is now required for a merchant to obtain city council permission to have a
sidewalk sale.

33-2-18 (indexed as 33-2-19?)  It is now required to mow city property that adjoins
your property

38-2-11 All Persons are strictly forbidden to attach a ground wire to a water

38-2-17 now required to give the city any easement that they want??

And last but not least  7 new property taxes are added.

The only recommendations that Mr. Heiligenstein made that the council rejected were
to impose A penalty for Aldermen missing council meetings and to make meeting
agenda items comprehensive so the public could comment.

The rest of the 307  additional pages is mostly  legalese to try to establish that the
city can not be held responsible for absolutely anything.

They also pasted in some state statutes. I assume that Mr. Heiligenstein is getting
paid by the page.

All of these changes were made and the only notice that these changes were coming
is from the agenda for the 10/6/15 council meeting.

"Consider and act on Ordinance 15-12, An Ordinance Adopting a Code of
Ordinances for the City of Newton.”

That is exactly the way that you do it when you do not want the citizens to have a
clue of what you are actually doing.

Just more of the same old relentless drive to make the city government bigger and
stronger and make private citizens weaker and poorer.
Summary of  Newton Illinois 2015 Code Book Update