The Minutes from the 2/5/2019 Newton Illinois council meeting do not indicate Ward 1 Alderman Steve Rubsam as either present or
absent, he aparently was not there as no votes in his name were recorded.

This is very interesting as Steves wife Earlene was listed on the agenda under public comments to presumably ask the city council not to
approve the zoning change included in ordinance 19-01 that would allow a 35 unit apartment house to be built near their house.
She also did
not show up at the meeting.

Could it be that Mayor Bolander will be in search of a new "yes" person?
Mystery solved: The council will accept the resignation of Steve Rubsam at the 2/19/19 council meeting, and appoint Gail Glumac to replace

After over 3 1/2 years of faithful yes man service Alderman Rubsam did the unthinkable and actually had a opinion of his own on a issue
that was contrary to Mayor Bolanders opinion, as far as I can tell this was the first infraction of Alderman Rubsams career however the Mayor
so berated Alderman Rubsam about not strictly following what he expected  from a alderman that being "occupy the seat, ask no questions,
vote yes" that Alderman Rubsam submitted his resignation.