In Jasper County Illinois and many other Illinois counties you may see "Multi Township assessment" as a
separate taxing body on your property tax bill.

How this works is that some townships go together and share a tax assessor, the tax that is assessed is
actually a tax s
o you can pay for the expense of being taxed.

In Jasper county there are 3 "Multi Township taxing districts" as follows.

MTA3 is Grove, N Muddy and S Muddy.                          $0.07065 per $100    548% of MTA2
MTA1 is Crooked Creek, Grandville and Hunt townships   $0.04337 per $100    336% of MTA2
MTA2 is St Marie, Willow Hill, Fox and Smallwood           $0.01288 per $100

Wade Township is not included and no separate tax is on Wade residents tax bill.

One thing that is very interesting is the difference in the amount of the tax, unlike other taxing bodies
the tax is directly proportional to the work that the taxing body is required to do, for instance a road district
has so many miles of roads and if people leave and houses are tore down the work the roads need does
not change much. In the same example for the tax assessment district there would be less work to do.
That makes it hard to understand why MTA3 taxes at over 5 times the amount that MTA2 does and MTA1
taxes at over 3 times what MTA2 does, to see how this disparity as it applies to Jasper and 4 other counties
here. What makes the fact that MTA2 is so much more than the other two even harder to figure out is
that S Muddy TWP has the power plant that pays most of the township bill and makes S Muddy the lowest
taxing twp in Jasper.