What a crock of BS, Jasper county with a "1.47% Property Tax Rate"

This story ran in the 2/28/19 Edition of the Newton Illinois Press Mentor, No author is given.
This article was obviously written by someone who likes taxes high and this story is a attempt to make the people paying
the tax feel better about how bad the property taxes are here.

Actually  while there are deductions the property tax rate in
Newton is 3.59% of the cash value as of taxes
payable in 2018, that amount will be higher this year.

The story goes on to say that while Jasper is rated # 8, Effingham county is rated #34, What a crock, Jasper county
taxes are off the chart higher than Effingham county.

If you want to see a actual Jasper County Illinois property tax study
look here,  in the five county area of Jasper,  
Effingham, Clay, Clark and Cumberland  Jasper has the highest county rate by a rate of over 3 times the lowest county
while Newton is the highest of the 31 municipal in the 5 county area by a margin of over 8 times the rate of the lowest!!

Big bang for your buck my ***.