•    (B-3)  40-4-71 USE RESTRICTIONS.
(A) Repairs Indoors. All repair and maintenance services shall be conducted
within completely enclosed structures. Storage areas may be open to the
sky, but shall be enclosed by walls or solid fences at least eight (8) feet
(B) Refuse Containers. All refuse generated by facilities located within this
district shall be stored in tightly-covered containers placed in visually-
screened areas.
(C) Screening. Along the side and rear lot lines of any lot abutting any
residential district, screening (a wall, solid fence, or closely-planted
shrubbery) at least six (6) feet high and of sufficient density to completely
block the view from the adjacent residential property shall be installed.
Mayor Bolander went to great lengths to get Newton Zoned, despite the
fact that the citizens of Newton soundly rejected Zoning in 2 separate
advisory referenda the Mayor and council shoved it through.

The Zoning code contains lots and lots of rules, some of those rules pertain
to a Business District joining up to  a residential district. As is the case in
the Rex Vault Property. The Zoning Code clearly states that any time that
A Business zone joins a residential  zone there shall be a solid wall, fence
or shrubbery at least 6' high.

The code also says that anything stored outside shall be inside of a solid
fence at least 8" tall.

Take a look at Rex Vault property and you will see that neither of the
conditions are met. Once again Mayor Bolander likes to make lots and lots
of rules but can not be bothered to follow the very same rules that he
insisted we just had to have.
The road is the divider between the Business (B3) zone on the left
and the residential zone on the right. Notice the lack of the required
screen and fence . Also notice that the septic tanks are stacked right
up to the property line despite the 25' required setback.