The City of Newton Illinois has been installing "Smart Meters" for some time, these meters
communicate detailed electric usage data to collection points, most likely a city vehicle driving

The transmitter uses frequencies between 909.0 and 922 MHz located in the FCC
unlicensed ISM  (Industrial Scientific Medical) band.

There is much controversy over the ill effects of all of the RF (radio frequency) energy that
RF smart meters emit, smart meter "guards" are now widely available to block the
RF energy.

The system that Newton is using is capable of providing many consumer friendly options
including detailed time of use information on line that can help with energy conservation and
discounted rates for off peak usage times. However you will not see any of the consumer
friendly capabilities of this system employed because that is just not the way things are
done in Newton Illinois, they did not even bother to mention that they were installing a
transmitter on the side of your house.