Here is a Idea for you, get one of the "free" lots in Five Aprils subdivision from the city of Newton Illinois, build a
house on it and then sell the house
and make a lot of money, people build "spec" houses like this all the time
and make lots of money doing it, except they do not do it in Newton Illinois, if you want a example of how this
would work there is no need to try it yourself it has already been a

ust such a "spec" house was built to sell on Lot 15 (305 Woods Farm Lane) in Five Aprils in 2014. According to
the asking price started out at $166,000.00, it is now been dropped to $156,000.00. So far the owner has
paid $9,059.00 in
property tax with another $4,000.00 or so due later in 2019. Sounds like a really great way to
make money