This study on Newton Illinois Property tax rates* compares the inflation in
property taxes to inflation in other areas.

This study compares taxes payable in 2005  to taxes payable in 2015. This
study was done on a specific parcel that was untouched in the 10 year period.

I found in that period that:
The "Fair Cash Value" increased by 13.9%
The "tax rate" increased from $1.6589 to $2.1014 per $100 or 26.67%
The "tax bill" increased by 43.77%

The "tax bill" increased 3.14 times or 314% of the amount that the
"fair cash value" increased. 43.77% Vs 13.9% WOW
That is a sure sign that the property taxes are out of control.

Social Security cola increases for the same period totaled 27.83%**

The Illinois Minimum wage increased by 26.92% $6.25 to $8.25

The Consumer Price Index increased by 26.32%(compounded)
**Social Security Cost of Living Increases by year.

2005        2.70%
2006        4.10%
2007        3.30%
2008        2.30%
2009        5.80%
2010        0.00%
2011        0.00%
2012        3.60%
2013        1.70%
2014        1.50%
Total        25.00% compounded 27.83%
*This study includes the city of Newton's portion of the property  tax bill only.
Tax bill: the amount that you owe the taxing body
Tax rate: the amount per $100 of assessed value