3.375%. now 3.591% payable in 2018. That is the percent of the "Fair Cash Value" as determined by the Jasper
County Illinois Tax assessor that if you have no deductions and are not a farmer that you pay yearly in property

lf you were to borrow $80,000 for 30 years on a $100,000 property in Newton Illinois and had no property tax
deductions, hom
estead, senior citizen ect, at the end of the 30 years you would of paid back to bank the original
$80,000 plus interest but you will of paid over $101,000 in property taxes, that is figuring it like the property tax rate
is going to stay the same but it is not going to stay the same, you will most likely pay well over $200,000 in
property taxes and probably much more than that in this example.

Do a Google search for "highest property taxes in the US and you will find that New Jersey is ranked at #1 with
a 2.35% state average, Illinois is ranked #2 with 2.3%. Yet here we are in Newton Illinois