Zoning Board minutes from 9-22-2015 to 2-12-2019
North Arrow Partners correspondence
Newton IL Zoning board members as of February 5 2019

Ken Albrecht
(Chairman)  next election 4/2021

Maxine Calvert next election 4/2021

Vita Kistner next election 4/2019

David Dow next election 4/2019

Tim Farley
(Secretary) next election 4/2019

Tom Clark next election 4/2019

Ed Web next election 4/2021

John Stone (appointed administrator)
Zoning Board minutes from 9-13-2006 to 9-21-2015
The Newton Illinois Zoning board of appeals members are elected to
staggered 4 year terms, elections are held every 2 years the first Tuesday of
April on odd numbered years.
Elected instead of appointed Zoning board