At the 6/20/17 Newton Illinois city council approved paying Planning Success LLC
$2500 to update the comprehensive plan and marketing plan, they are big on
getting these done, I will get a copy when it is done.
on the city of Newton official website, once again the results clearly show that the tax spend and
massive regulations path that Newton is on is not working, all the key metrics show total failure

Population, total housing, empty housing, owner occupied housing, average age are all going the wrong
way as they have been
for over a decade and are projected to continue through the end of the projection

Dieterich Illinois is doing things completely differently and is getting a completely different (positive)
result, all the metrics that show decline in Newton are all positive in Dieterich.

The basic difference is that Dieterich is not doing everything possible to try to squeeze another dollar
out of its residents and add every possible new regulation like Newton and is a much lower cost place to
live or operate a business.