The citizens of Newton Illinois have let the City council know that they do
not want Zoning by way of
2 referenda. The city council Zoned Newton
anyway saying that the they knew better what was best and the skeptics
would be proven wrong.

As of  December 2015, we have had Zoning for over 8 years now. Time
to see how all the promises that the council made are working out.

Since Newton Illinois has been Zoned:

The permits that we were told would be free, well guess what, they now
charge for them. Everyone with a brain knew that despite what we were
told  permits being free was only temporary to quiet opposition and the
charges would be added later when everyone calmed down.

City Of Newton Property Taxes have
Increased at 3 times the rate that
property values have.

City of Newton Property Values  have
increased at about 1/2 the rate of  
inflation. So much for the promise that Zoning would increase your
property values.

south town Industrial park has created 0 jobs. So much for the
promise that zoning would help provide jobs.

The west end industrial park has been rezoned partially residential. So
much for the promise that Zoning was for long range land use planning

Population has decreased from 3095 to 2814, projected to be 2749 in

Owner Occupied housing has decreased from 65% to 62%*

Total Housing units have decreased from 1499 to 1364*
While Vacant Housing units have increased from 10.7% to 12.6%*
This translates to 870 owner occupied housing units pre zoning to 739
owner occupied housing units now.

The median age of residents has increased from 41.7 to 42.3*
The pro zoners made a big deal about how we had to have zoning so that
the young people are not forced to leave. Survey says wrong again.

Alco store is now empty.

GSI is no longer manufacturing in Newton.

The city is in debt 87% of the statutory maximum.

4% hidden Tax has been added to your utility bills.

The amount of rules and regulations has more than doubled and continues
to grow very rapidly.

All that Zoning has done for Newton has been to grow the city
government into a great big fat great big fat money and power hungry
operation that is always striving to get bigger and have more control.

voters have been proven right and should be listened to.

*Source City of Newton Comprehensive plan projections, available in part
on the City of Newton official site