At the 2/2/2016 Newton Illinois City Council meeting it was announced that
applications for the annual City of Newton "Dues and Donations"  prize
giveaways  are due by March 4 2016.

First I want to say that almost all of the applicants are worthy causes and almost
all are there to help the community.

The problem with this whole dues and donations thing is that first the city takes
the money from the taxpayers, by force if necessary and then instead of using it
for the purpose that the tax was levied for in the first place, they hand it out to
who they want to with no strings attached.

The "dues and donations" handout is only one instance of taxpayer money
handouts. Have a old house that you want tore down? Fill out the proper
paperwork and the city will have the taxpayers pay for some of it for you.

Would you like to spruce up the front of your business? Fill out the proper paper
work and the city will have the taxpayers pick up some of the cost for you
provided that you are not on the excrement list.

This and many other bad decisions has put newton in a bad situation with
property taxes double other local cities and Newton falling behind in every
measurable metric.

All of these handouts are very far from removed from what is the proper role of
government is.