It appears that the "friends of the trail" have sent out a mailing around 10/13/17 asking for pledges.

At the April 18 2017 Newton Illinois City Council meeting mayor Bolander stated "The city needs to start fund      
raising for Eagle Trail Phase IV-Riverwalk"

At the 6/27/17 Rotary Club meeting Mayor Bolander pitched the Idea for donations for the trail,
McClure signs and Clark memorial representatives were there and presented a Idea for a brick
wall to memorialize donors.

The reason that Mayor Bolander is asking for donations for phase 4 is that he has exhausted all other sources,
the city is at or near the statutory debt limit, has already
raided the utilities and has one of the
highest property tax rates in the corrupt state of Illinois. Now on top of that he wants your donations.

Donating to A worthy cause is a great thing and the world is a better place because of these donations,
if you are considering such a donation please carefully check out who you are giving money to. Their are lots of
worthy causes out there, Newton Illinois eagle trails is not one of them.