At the 1/19/2016 Newton Illinois City Council meeting it was announced that AJ
Walker submitted the low bid of $1,042,300 for the Eagle Trails Project phase 3
street scape. The city will receive a Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT)
grant for $980,320.

There are obviously no responsible adults on the Newton Illinois City Council,
they are only adults by age but they act like selfish children.

We know that the federal government ($18,939,792,755,929) in debt, and the
State of Illinois ($147,131,389,571) in debt are ran by people who act like
selfish children, but you would think that those at the local level would be more
responsible. If they were the least bit responsible this project would be

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING me that the state of Illinois would award a
wasteful grant like this when they can not even come close to paying their bills,
they have not paid their utility bills for months and prisons and other state
facilities are in danger of having utilities disconnected, (some state facilities have
already been disconnected) but they hand out grants for this CRAP? The state
of Illinois is DEAD BROKE, if you are stupid enough to buy a lottery ticket in the
first place and then pile stupid on top of stupid and buy a Illinois lottery ticket,
even if you win Illinois does not have a way to pay you BECAUSE THEY ARE

The Newton Illinois City Council members are willing participants in this
madness, local taxpayers are responsible for 20%, this kind of spending has
Newtons tax rate double other local cities. The spending binge and other policies
over the last 10 years has had some
very negative effects already.

The Newton City Council needs to stop thinking just about how to tax, borrow
and spend every cent possible and think about the royal mess they are helping
to create for the next generations. In other words act like responsible adults.