At the 8/7/18 Newton Illinois city Council meeting the council voted to create the position of "Economic
development coordinator" and gave the job to Amber Volk, this was to replace the retiring Ken Larimore.  
Not sure what a economic development coordinator does.
This is the  web site of the Jasper County
economic development coordinator?, looks like it has not been updated for at least 5 years. I think the
main job is supposed to be bring jobs to Jasper/Newton, as far as I can tell (so far) the job count is at 1
that being the job of economic development coordinator.

The city is throwing in a minimum of $20,000.00 (probably more). The county $10,000 and a office,
funny that the address to the office does not appear to be published but is located at 1102 S
Van Buren and JEDI (Jasper Economic development inc) a undisclosed yearly amount that appears to
be based on if they have any money and feel like it, as of 1/4/19 the city has received $0.00 but it is
supposed to be yearly and the fiscal year ends 4/30/2019. I will check back after this date for a amount.

Depending on how much the county supplied office is worth and how much the city gets from JEDI
this "share the cost" deal will likely
cost City residents 6 to 8 times per capita of the cost to county
residents outside Newton. There are also things in the Economic Development Coordinator Contract that
it appears Newton Residents will be paying 100% of the cost of, including but not limited to, sick leave,
paid vacation, health insurance, pension and unlimited comp time. Unlimited comp time could very easily
turn into a early retirement plan
Economic development coordinator contract
It is now September 2019 and the taxpayers of Newton have been paying for a full time economic
development coordinator at the cost of $45,000.00 per year plus full benefits including health insurance,
retirement,paid vacation, and sick leave for over 1 full year.

Someone please tell me where the coordinator is hiding? If you do a search for "Newton Il economic
development you will end up at a web site for Jasper Il economic development that lists commercial
properties that are available, available incentives, contact info, and  a county wide list of businesses.
The problem is that this site was last maintained by Ken Larimore the previous EDC a few years before he
retired and has not been touched since.

Someone please tell me what the Newton E.D.C. does and why do we need the position, if it really exists.
Inter Gov contract