The city of Newton Illinois and the county of Jasper have shared the cost of different services over the years, while this
sounds like a really good idea the facts are that this is a very bad deal for the residents of Newton and any and all
county wide services should be paid in their entirety by the county.

Any time the county and city split the cost of something it costs a resident of Newton 4.4 times (per capita)
what a county resident who lives outside Newton pays. Below is how I came up with that.

For example
animal control in Jasper County costs around $84,000 per year and for some reason the City of Newton
pays half of this or around $42,000. This is a really bad deal for the residents of Newton explained below.

There are 2849 residents in the Newton and 9698 residents in Jasper county according to the last (2010) census.

$42,000/9698 = $4.33 (per capita cost to Jasper county residents)
$42,000/2849 = $14.74 (per capita cost to City of Newton residents)

Remember that Newton is actually in Jasper county so Newton Residents pay both.

$4.33 + $14.74 = $19.07

$19.07 total per capita cost to Newton Residents.

$4.33 per capita cost to Jasper residents outside of Newton.

Newton residents pay 4.4 times per capita of what county residents pay when you "split" the cost.
How it should be is. $84,000/9698 = $8.66 per capita for all Jasper County residents.

This is really simple math that evidently no one on the Newton Illinois city Council has the capability to understand.

This is just 1 of the reasons that Newtons city property tax rate is one of the highest in the state.