The area pictured above is the site where Dulgars seed house used to be. McClane Motors purchased the lot to
use for a car sales lot. Notice the grass area, they were denied use of this area by the city, Ostensibly putting
down a rock surface in this area would make the water run off faster contributing to more flooding.

As a side note according to the cities
flood plain map this is not in a flood plain.
Just a few years after McClane motors were denied use of their own property along comes Rex Vault wanting to
build a cement plant just 780' E of the McClanes lot. According to the city
flood plain map the Rex vault addition is
located in a flood zone and according to the cities
flood plain code requires a special permit to be in a flood plain
along with the normal
building permit.

At the time this was built the city required
building permits and they were to include the following:. Submit a scale
drawing that shows at the minimum the dimensions and location of all proposed construction, placement, alterations,
removal, demolition, utilities and drainage in relation to property lines and City streets, alleys, utilities and rights of

I went to city hall and asked to see a copy of the
building permit and the flood plain permit and found that no flood
plain permit had been issued
and the building permit contained NONE of the required information
other than the approval signature of the "Building Official" Dr Scott Bloomberg.

Long story short, Mayor Bolander loves to make lots of rules but can not be bothered to actually follow them himself.
Below is a illustration of how all of the rules that Mayor Bolander and cronies love to crank out by the hundred
were never intended for everyone. After all the King can not be expected to follow the rules that were intended
just for his subjects.
Rex Vault Addition During Construction. Notice the proximity to the drainage ditch.
This addition clearly contributes to upstream flooding by blocking the natural flow of the drainage
ditch during flood times. This should of never have been allowed to be built and the only reason it
was allowed is that it was for Mayor Bolander.