At the 12/2/2014 City Council Meeting the city council voted to deny rezoning a
property owned by Cindy Snyder, commonly called the Snyder building.

Steve Rubsam had made a offer on buying the building contingent on the rezoning
being approved, Mr. Rubsam wanted to convert the building that had been three
small businesses into three condos. He wanted to live in one and rent the other two.

Mrs. Snyder addressed the council and stated that she has been unable to rent any
of the retail or office space for some time and had been unable to sell the property.
She asked the council what she was supposed to do with the property if the zoning
was not approved.

Ken Larimore (Jasper Economic Development) who draws a salary to promote
economic development in Jasper County wrote a letter in opposition to the rezoning.
Someone needs to explain to me  how keeping a building empty promotes
economic development.

From the 12/2/14 City Council Minutes.

"Motion was made by Short, seconded by Reisner, to approve the Zoning Board
recommendation for rezoning 100 and 103 S. Lafayette St. from B-2 to MR-2 to
permit the development of multi-family housing.
Ayes:  Reisner, Brooks, Blake, Short
Nays:  Brown, Lindemann, Bloomberg, Bolander, Mayor Bolander"

In spite of the fact that the zoning board had unanimously approved the rezoning the
council denied Mrs Snyder the sale of her property and would rather see it sit empty.

To me this was really simple, the building is privately owned and the proposed use
of the building would of bothered no one.