At the 8/1/17 Newton Illinois City Council meeting the council voted on:

"D. Consider and act on
Resolution 17-08 Funding Support for 2016 ITEP grant project.
Motion was made by Brown, seconded by Rubsam, to pass Resolution 17-08 Funding Support for 2016 ITEP
grant project.
Ayes: Reisner, Bloomberg, Rubsam, Brown and Brooks
Nays: None"

What this is the Newton Illinois city council spending a additional $264,000 of the taxpayers money
on yet another
totally unneeded project.

To get a idea of the scope of this waste this is approximately 50% of a entire years tax levy!
And over 50% of the tax levy already goes directly for pensions.

This is the required 20% match from the latest $1,056,000 grant from the state of Illinois.

This really drives home the fact that the state of Illinois will never ever even consider making any kind of effort to do
anything about the fact that Illinois is dead broke and can not even come close to paying their bills and is headed for
financial collapse and is making a terrible mess for the next generation.

I work at Norris electric and In July of this year during a major storm I got a call from the Lawrence correction center
that is on Norris electric lines and had been out of power for several hours and the officer that I was talking to was
explaining how dire that the situation there was because of the fact that while they have a large generator that can run
the prison it was dangerously low on fuel and no fuel suppliers would deliver fuel to them because they knew that they
would not be paid for the fuel.

So someone please explain to me how it is that a state that can not afford to buy fuel for a backup generator at a prison
can then turn  around and give the city of Newton $1,056,000 for totally unnecessary pork.

As far as why would the Newton City council spend 50% of the yearly tax levy on more pork while Newton already has
one of the
Highest city tax rates in the state of Illinois  is simple, they think that the more you grow taxes, spending and
the size of government the better.