1-28-19 Zoning Board Minutes
2-4-19 Zoning Board Minutes
Original Press release
Correspondence with city
North Arrow Partners is proposing a 35 unit Illinois Housing Authority approved independent senior (+55) 2 story
apartment building. Supposed to be built in 2020 in Newton Illinois just east of Tractor supply on Eaton Street.

Just like
Eagle Ridge apartments everyone was in favor of A nice new income based housing building just as long as
they put it somewhere else, unlike Eagle Ridge the local residents opposing North Arrow though they did show quite a
lot of opposition and made basically the same arguments and had just as good of reasons to deny as Eagle Ridge they
lacked one key thing, they did not have anyone who the zoning board was unwilling to oppose.

Ward 1 Alderman Steve Rubsam got so upset about having the housing near him that he resigned the day after the
zoning approval.

At the
2/4/19 Zoning Meeting John Stone was asked "What breaks the city are giving them?" He replied " the city was
not giving them any breaks on utilities, TIFs', there were no grants." Mayor Bolander then confirmed this.

One thing that is interesting is that in the
press release it says that they will be paying around $28,000.00 per year in
property tax but they were going to spend $8.4 million dollars on the complex, The $8.4 million number is as crazy as a
50 million gallon per year biodiesel facility ( $228,000 per unit!!) and is obviously just a number thrown out to impress
but it is their number. If you take a property worth 8 million dollars and apply Newtons ridiculous property tax rate  you
would have a yearly property tax bill of around $286,000.00 per year. That works out to $8171 per unit each year or
$680 for each unit each month.

However if you build a housing authority approved low income facility the property
taxes are based on the "fair market
value of the economic productivity to the owners" whatever that means but it apparently is around $.10 on the dollar,
similar to how farm property is taxed.

According to 40-4-38 of the Newton Illinois zoning code each unit requires 2 parking spaces, this is a 35 unit building
that appears to have only 53 instead of the required 70 probably not really a problem but the city thought it was so  
important they made it a law.

It does not show in the aerial picture but actually the Lutheran church is also being rezoned, this was done to
meet the minimum zone size of 3 acres.

In most places putting a apartment house in a business zone would not take rezoning, it would of already been allowed
to build something that would of been allowed in a more restrictive zone in a less restrictive zone. Newtons Zoning
code is so restrictive that this is not allowed.
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