It sounds like Jasper County Illinois is going to build a new jail and they have a eye on a location near Imperial acres subdivision,
North Arrow Apartments this will not require that the property be rezoned. The property is already zoned I-1 or light industrial.
According to 40-3-6 any use not "specifically listed"  is not allowed and Jail is not listed but 40-4-8 says that a special use permit
can be given for"Government uses other than this municipality".

There will be a
 Newton Illinois Zoning Board of appeals hearing if the county applies for a  special use permit, as this is not a
rezoning  40-10-8 says the board of appeals decision will be final, the city council will not have a say in this.

It sounds like many that live in Imperial acres do not want the new jail in the proposed location. It can possibly be stopped.
Their are two ways to stop it, the first would be to get the county board not to build it or to replace the existing Jail in place.

The second would be to get the zoning board of appeals to not grant a special use permit.

Those opposed to Eagle Ridge Apartments being built near five Aprils crossing subdivision successfully convinced the zoning
board of appeals to stop
that project however those opposed to North Arrow Apartments  were not able to convince the board.

The key to this is
to make a case that points out the drainage, traffic, property value, and any other issues as both of the previous
cases did however the most important part
and where those opposed to North Arrow failed is that you need someone on your side
or better yet more than one person who the zoning board is unwilling to o
ppose, that is all it takes,all of the traffic, safety, drainage
problem claims are only necessary
so as to give the zoning board cover for the decision.